Natural sites

The Pyla sand Dune

The biggest sand dune in Europe awaits you at the foot of your campsite. Let yourself be swept away by the dune's magic. On arrival you'll be bowled over by its sheer extent (109m high, 2.7km long and 60 million m3 of grains of sand) and don't start getting ideas about being there alone! Breathe deeply and set off up, either climbing up the stairs or up the sand. At the summit, emotion takes centre stage: the view is exceptional and reveals the Bay's wonders: the Banc d'Arguin, the forest, the Cap-Ferret lighthouse... It became a listed site in 1978. The spirit of the site will remain unchanged until your next visit.



The Banc d'Arguin

If you take a boat trip, or else from the top of the Pilat Dune, you'll be able to admire the sandbank which has been a listed nature reserve since 1972. It's the longest of the Gironde's coastline and at low tide, it's 4km long and 2km wide. Located at the entrance of the Arcachon Bay and modified by the tides,  it changes continually. If you get the privilege to set foot on it, you'll be able to see the oyster farmers working in their oyster farms and the never-ending comings and goings of the Sandwich terns and other migratory birds.

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The Ile aux Oiseaux

At low tide, the Ile aux Oiseaux is a wild territory of 1.000 hectares that you can see in the middle of the Bay. Birds made it their realm, while oyster farmers built a maze of oyster farms. It's very difficult to access and only experts will be able to drop anchor there. On arrival, pathways and bridges will lead you forwards, inviting you to discover this unique island.



Teich Birds Reserve

Gear up as a family, with friends or in a group, big and small, to explore one of the Arcachon Bay's most famous sites. This is a site of international importance for bird conservation (260 species can be seen 80 of which nest on site) and the sanctuary offers 6kms worth of walks where they can be watched from one of the 20 kitted out huts, judiciously placed in the most favorable spots. The Robin pathway has been specially designed for children, to introduce them to the bird reserve's environment in a fun way. Discovery activities are also available in canoes or sea kayaks for exploring the Leyre delta in a novel manner.



Towns and villages



Arcachon is the seaside resort of the Arcachon Bay. It's beach is around 800metres long with two piers (Tiers and Eyrac). Its marina is the Arcachon Bay's only deep water port. The Winter Town (Ville d'Hiver) is a remarkable ensemble of XIXth and early XXth century affluent villas: an incredible architectural paradise.

Guided tours of Arcachon and its "Ville d'Hiver" available all year round. Contact: Arcachon Tourist Board: +33 557 529 797 or –



Tip of Cap Ferret


A strip of land between two seas... the ocean and the Arcachon Bay. One gets from one side to the other through a labyrinth of dunes, a living heritage by nature as it constantly changes depending on the vagaries of the wind and the tides. But the "Pointe" (tip) is far from a desert. The scenery offers choice havens for specific coastal flora (like European beachgrass) and for many animals and not just marine life!





Gujan Mestras and its oyster farming port


Gujan Mestras is the oyster capital of the Arcachon Bay. You can visit the Oyster-Farming Museum on the Port of Larros that will teach you all about the different stages of oyster farming, the oyster farmers' work and oyster huts.

What better opportunity for a walk or a bike ride along the coastal path, connecting Gujan Mestras' 7 ports. Guided tours of the oyster farms available all year round. Contact: Gujan-Mestras Tourist Board: -335 56 66 12 65 –





Grated UNESCO World Heritage status in 2007, Bordeaux will enchant you thanks to its exceptional architectural heritage dating back to the XVIIIth century. But more than that, Bordeaux has a vibrant friendly feel to it with lively and cosmopolitan districts where you simply want to stroll and stop for a glass of wine on a terrace. Undeniably known as the world's wine capital, the city is a great place to start discovering and tasting the great vintages that have made it famous throughout the world.


With its 363 listed monuments, public gardens, floodlit squares, quayside walkway, cycle paths, Bordeaux can be unravelled in numerous ways.


Saint Emilion


Nestled in the Bordeaux vineyards, Saint Emilion will enchant you by its authenticity. A real jewel of inset stones in an unspoilt natural site. Discover this incredible medieval town that's full of hidden treasures. Chill out on one of the terraces on the main square, sipping a grand cru and devouring macaroons!


Regional wines and gastronomy

Wines and vineyards


It's possible to visit the Bordeaux Chateaux or those in the Médoc which are only an hour's drive away from your campsite. With AOCs known all over the world such as Château Lafitte, Château Margaux and Château Mouton-Rothschild, the M?doc is a soil of tradition for the best grape varieties like Cabernet-Sauvignon, Merlot Noir and Cabernet Franc.





The cuisine of the Arcachon Bay is inspired by produce from both the land and sea.

Make sure you taste the wonderful Arcachon Bay oysters as well as our mussels and other shellfish that will enchant your taste buds.

You also mustn't miss other delicious specialities of the Bordeaux region, both savoury and sweet: Saint Emilion macaroons, Bordeaux canel?s, Bordeaux style eel, Pauillac lamb? real treats for your taste buds!


May time fly by and bring you closer to your holiday here!